A Guide To Affiliate Marketing – Top 10 Tips For Beginners

    A guide to affiliate marketing.

    Learning from the experience of others is probably the best tool that you could employ when starting any business. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to? The following is a guide to affiliate marketing for beginners. Hopefully these tips will help you to get a jumpstart on your affiliate business and provide some guidelines to make the road a little easier.


    Start slowly and do it right the first time

    We all have a lot to learn, and I mean a lot. There are so many routes that you can take when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online. The tendency is to rush in and try to do everything all at once. If I could say one thing to those just beginning it would be. “One website at a time” and “steady as she goes.” This is not a get rich quick business. (They don’t exist.) This is a business of learning and building one step at a time.


     The best way to learn is to do

     It will be frustrating for most of us in the beginning because everything is foreign. The language and buzzwords of any business take some getting used to and affiliate marketing is no different. SEO, PPC, Themes, Plugins, Mailing Lists, Lightboxes, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Opt in forms are all confusing until you dig in and master these terms and activities one step at a time. Don’t worry, it will all become second nature in time if you stick with it and work hard.


     Surround yourself with and become immersed in the community of affiliate marketing

     Get google alerts on marketing, join google and Facebook communities and follow successful marketers on twitter. Any good affiliate business will employ some aspects of social media to promote its brand and websites but don’t allow it to become all consuming. It can become a real time waster if you let it.


     Get an education

    I strongly suggest joining a community like Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn from the ground up. You can’t expect to walk into any business and start kicking ass without the necessary tools and education.


     Don’t fall for all the get rich quick scheme guru crap that is advertised all over the forums and internet

    If a guru or product is suggesting that you can make all kinds of money with very little effort, don’t just walk away…...run! The only ones getting rich from that crap will be them and not you. It’s human nature to look for the easy way, but if it sounds too good to be true, be careful...... getting ripped off is not the best way to build a business. There are many tips and tricks that can make things easier in the affiliate marketing world. You will learn them without paying money to these bozos.


     Working hard and working smart is the key to success in any business

    If you are not prepared to put in the effort then you will not get the results and by results I mean money. Work hard, learn a lot and do things properly and you will make money over time with affiliate marketing.


     Nothing is free, you need to pay for education and tools

    The good news is that you can actually make money while you are learning the business. It’s not like going to college and coming out owing thousands in student loans. Affiliate marketing is a business that you can do at any stage in your life. Use it as a part time income while you are a student or stay at home parent. Make some money and learn in your spare time or as a second income while you work your full time job. It is a flexible business that you can learn and do at your own pace or until you are making enough to ditch your regular job.


     Get the tools that you need

    There are plenty of tools that you can get for free to help you to run your online business, but you will need to spend some money to do it properly. Things like web hosting, auto responders and quality training will all cost you some money but it will still be a whole lot cheaper than trying to start a business the old fashioned brick and mortar way. When you have been in the business for a little while and are starting to make some real money you will want to pay for things like writing, business software and personal assistant services to make your life easier.


     Develop A Disciplined Routine

    This is not your typical day job. Working for yourself requires discipline and good work ethic. A lot of people fail in this business because you really have no one to answer to but yourself. It seems great at first, no boss, no commute and no annoying co-workers but it can go downhill real fast without a structured game plan. The first thing you should plan on is that you will not see any money right away and so it is probably a good idea to keep your day job until you start seeing some financial results. Plan your day to involve large periods of time where you will not be disturbed. Write new content everyday and don’t get caught in time wasting activities like spending time on social media and emails when you should be more productive. It’s not as easy as it sounds, this working for yourself thing, it requires a steady and disciplined daily routine.


     Stay Away From The Latest Shiny Thing

     Focus on one task at a time. In this business there are a lot of distractions, the latest software, themes and plugins that supposedly will make your life easier are all things that can keep you from being successful. Develop a plan and stick with it. It takes time for results to come and most people quit before they see results. Don’t quit, remember that slow and steady wins the race.

    Affiliate marketing in a nutshell:

    Build A Website This involves choosing a niche, getting a domain name and getting hosting for your site.

    Attract visitors to your site This involves the most time consuming and some find the hardest part which is writing content for your site. The more quality content on your site……the better your search engine rankings will be, which means more clicks on your site. There are many other ways to bring traffic to your site such as PPC, which is pay per click advertising, posting messages on forums, making videos on youtube and adding links to your social marketing sites. This is a business with infinite possibilities. This blog is a basic outline, trust me, there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. It’s an exciting business to be in and the earning potential is unlimited if you do it right, stick with it and work hard.

    Find Products To SellChoosing the right affiliate programs that relate to your niche and constructing your content around links to those affiliate programs.Writing product reviews is an excellent way to direct readers to your affiliate products.

    Grow your business Keep learning and growing your website traffic.

    Start More Websites When your first site is making money and has a lot of content and good search engine rankings, do it again with a different niche.

    Rinse and repeat.


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