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    089 Hi and Welcome: My name is Don Rogers and I am the co-founder of Money Builder Online. First of all, thanks for stopping by the site. I appreciate your time and hopefully we can help you find what it is that you are looking for. It’s not easy trying to find ways to make money, especially on the internet these days. I know what it’s like searching endlessly for something that isn’t a scam or even worse - actually wasting hard earned money on some business idea that was probably written by some guy in his parents basement (sorry, nothing personal if you do live in a basement).

    Okay, here comes a harsh reality and lesson number 1:

    If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme - you are totally in the wrong place. It does not exist. If you really want to keep wasting your time and money - that's your business. Good luck out there on the wild-wild-web. We'll be here for you if you decide to visit again. If you are realistic and seriously looking for an opportunity to run a profitable, long term business with an ever increasing cash flow please keep reading. We started this site to provide information and motivation for you to not only start your online business but also to help you build a solid foundation for future growth and success. I have been a business owner and self-employed for over twelve years and I am so glad that I made the move from the old school “ bricks and mortar” business to where all the customers are - online. It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it - even when you go to sleep, somebody, somewhere could be buying your product. WOW!! Our goal is to get you started and provide the tools and resources so that you can achieve whatever level of financial success that you are looking for. In order to have a successful online business you will need to have a game plan, access to continued learning and ongoing motivational support. It is our hope here at Money Builder Online that we can provide these things and more. Thanks again for stopping by and we welcome your comments and feedback. Sincerely, Don admin@moneybuilderonline.com

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