AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review

    Overview of AffiloJetpack 2.0

    Mark Ling creator of affiloJetpack.

    It is the new version of AffiloJetpack created by Mark Ling who is the man behind some of the best affiliate marketing training programs available. He has been making money on the internet since 1999 and is well respected in the industry. If you want to learn how to make money online he provides a step by step formula that really works.

    What Is AffiloJetpack 2.0

    It is a system that is designed to follow a simple and proven affiliate marketing system that can get you up, running and making money with as little hassle and guesswork as possible.

    Step by step, this system will guide you and provide all the tools that you need to have your own online marketing business with the potential to make some good money for years to come.

    Although a lot of the work normally required is done for you, this is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s still up to you to implement the tools and make it work. The good thing about AffiloJetpack is that it practically takes you by the hand every step of the way. Affiliate marketing is a business of rinse and repeat and once you master this formula, the income from it is unlimited.

    Follow the system, do the work, stick with it and you will be successful.

    AffiloJetpack 2.0

    ​Step by step business in a box. Great for beginners, or for the seasoned marketer that just wants to save a lot of time.

    A proven formula that works​. Get started today.

    Who Is It For?

    • This product is suitable for beginners right up to those that already understand the challenges and expense of creating this type of affiliate marketing business from scratch.
    • Anybody that wants to get a business up and running in the least amount of time.
    • AffiloJetpack is a program that is pretty much a “business in a box” formula with a lot of the legwork done for you.
    • If you already have some experience affiliate marketing it will help, but is not necessary.
    • It’s not for everybody and for some the price may be a deterrent. In my opinion the price is reasonable considering the time and cost of putting together a business like this from scratch.
    • If you would rather start smaller and cheaper there are other quality training programs out there such as The Wealthy Affiliate and The AffiloBlueprint. They both offer more in depth training for the absolute beginner and are available for a monthly fee or even a free starter membership in the case of The Wealthy Affiliate.

    What Is Included In The AffiloJetpack?

    A beautiful website built with just a couple of clicks. AffiloJetpack will build and host your website. The websites are built on WordPress which is the world’s most popular builder and the first 12 months hosting are included. They are installed with your own custom built premium theme.

    Unlike some other affiliate programs out there, you actually own the site and are free to move it elsewhere should you decide to at a later date.

    Ask anybody in the business and they will tell you that the most difficult and time consuming aspect of affiliate marketing is writing content. AffiloJetpack provides you with “cheat sheets” to make the job much easier. Use the cheat sheets yourself or use them to outsource your writing so that you can easily create an authority website with lots of content.

    No need to worry about what niche to pick for your website, choose from 18 hugely profitable niches already put together by AffiloJetpack. These are niche topics that will be hugely popular for years to come.  

    Here’s the full list below:

    • Website Setup
    • Affilo Theme
    • 12 months web hosting
    • 3 x “Free Reports” of approximately 10,000 words each to give away as a list builder.
    • 3 x eBook graphics to go with the reports.
    • Cheat sheets to help create content for your site.
    • Traffic strategies training.
    • Choose from 18 proven profitable niches.
    • 1 year email newsletter which is 90 emails @ 500 words each to hook up to your autoresponder.
    • 60 day no risk money back guarantee.

    The good news is that you don’t just get 1 website jetpack……you get 5.

    Get them going one at a time and with a little bit of effort you’ve got yourself a pretty darn good business.

    AffiloJetpack 2.0

    ​Step by step business in a box. Great for beginners, or for the seasoned marketer that just wants to save a lot of time.

    A proven formula that works​. Get started today.


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