Finding Balance Is A Journey


    Disclaimer:  Because this article is about balance, I have decided to make half of it boring and the other half interesting and informative.   Finding balance is a journey. Make it a fun.Cool

    The word balance is defined as “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.”     

    To be happy and productive in life we need to take the time to balance the physical, mental, spiritual and financial elements of our lives.  The correct proportions of these elements are different for everybody.  If one of your elements is out of whack, it spoils it for the other guys.  Even if the engine of your car is finely tuned, it’s not going anywhere without wheels.  See what I did there, a little analogy to bring the point home.  

    If you’re feeling a little unbalanced, relax and visit each of these elements individually:


    • Are you getting enough sleep?

    • Do you have a regular fitness program?  It could be as simple as walking three or four times a week at a steady pace for thirty minutes.  No exercise is bad, overtrain to injury is bad, balance is good.

    • Slow down, relax.  I know that I make more mistakes if I am not organized and I have to rush.  Take a few seconds to breathe, trust me they’ll wait.Relax

    • The average adult human body is made up of 50 to 65 percent water, drink it.

    • Eat a healthy and balanced diet every day.  Stay away from fad diets, they don’t work.  Read labels, be knowledgeable about ingredients and try to shop on the outside aisles of the supermarket.  Moderation is always the key.  


    • Declutter your mind.  Make that phone call you’ve been dreading, finish that project, do the things you need to do.  

    • Start writing – put your goals and dreams on paper.

    • Do things that you enjoy and do them a lot.

    • Develop the things that you’re good at and do them a lot.


    • Meditate, breathe in, breathe out, take a course on it.  I have used meditation as a relaxation tool for over twenty years.  Don’t worry, its benefits are proven scientifically, meditation practice has nothing to do with religion.  balance

    • Okay, I know this sounds hokey, but, be nice to people.  It will make you feel good, trust me, I tried it once and it worked.

    • Go outside, hang out with some nature, if you have any good friends or even a spouse that you like, bring them along.


    • Money doesn’t buy happiness but it’s still an excellent thing to have and it sure buys a ton of other stuff.  

    • It’s pretty hard to be on your game physically, mentally and spiritually if you’re broke.

    • Try and make money doing something you enjoy.

    • Always be learning.  Even if you are stuck in a job situation that is not ideal, do it well, learn everything you can, and plan your escape.

    • Invest for the long term, slow and steady.  I’ve chased the get rich quick schemes, they don’t work.  

    • If it sounds too good to be true, smile and walk away.

    Please remember that NOBODY is perfect.  We are all unique and at different stages of growth. This is your journey, it can be whatever you want it to be.

    I do positive things that work for me. When I don’t do them, it doesn’t feel right.  

    When you take steps to achieve a more balanced life you will notice that things fall into place with little effort. Your confidence level will soar and new and wonderful opportunities will present themselves to you.  Look after yourself and stay away from excess anything.  Pick your own balance.

    I try to be somewhere in between Charles Manson and Ghandi.  But you know, whatever works for you. 

    Have a great day and leave a comment or idea below.

    Thanks, DonHa Ha


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