How to build your own free website


Learn how to build your own free website, it’s becoming easier every day. There are now literally hundreds of companies offering free website building. It’s a real jungle out there on the wild wild web so be careful which one you choose, they are not all the same and you really don’t want to waste your time with a lot of them.

If you are just looking for an online presence to share information with family and friends you could go to Google Sites and easily create a simple and free page to suit your needs. But if you are looking for more, like a business site or one that you will be using to make money from, then I would suggest doing some research into website creation and choosing a reputable company with the ability to grow.

Although most website builders offer free trials or free websites, these are mostly lacking in features and you will probably need to upgrade to at some point. That is why you should read my short reviews on a couple of the most popular services below. They offer some sort of free trial but look closely at their premium upgrades. Have a look at prices but also take into consideration what features are included in that price.

Free plans are usually offered to get you started and are a great way to familiarize yourself with the web building process. You can decide if that suits your needs or if you can upgrade and receive the additional tools and benefits of paid memberships.


Popularity – Over 20 million websites.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Upgrade Pricing – $4.08 to $24.92 monthly

Support – FAQ, Email, Live Chat

Consistently reviewed as easy to use because of drag and drop process.


Wix vs Weebly _ Which Website Builder is Better_


Popularity – Over 42 million websites

Free Plan Available – Yes

Upgrade Pricing $6.90 to $24.90

Support – Built in help function for learn as you go, live chat, email, community forum

Drag and drop interface. 

 Wix vs Weebly _ Which Website Builder is Better_ (1)


Wealthy Affiliate:

The wealthy affiliate not only offers two free websites with hosting for free with their starter membership but also free training on all aspects of website affiliate marketing.  Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.


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