How to Get Things Done


    We all have projects that we aren’t looking forward to doing, but if you don’t start binging them off, they just become bigger and more overwhelming in your mind.

    Well then, the question is – How to get things done? Here are some of the tips that I use.  They might seem a little odd, but whatever works, right?


    Before you begin any project ask yourself:


    • Is this project really necessary?
    • Is there any part of the project that is unnecessary?
    • Can I delegate this project or some of it to someone else?
    • Can I trade this project with someone else for a project that I would enjoy more and would be more motivated to do?
    • Would it make more sense to outsource it? Sometimes it’s worth it to outsource something to someone who is faster or more skilled. It could end up being less expensive and less aggravating in the end
    • Remember your time is money, too.



    Once I figure out that it is all systems go –  I try to do as much prep as possible. I clear my desk of everything except for the tools and resources that I need for that particular  project. If you’re lucky enough to have your own office, why not have two desks? This makes it easier to keep one full desk clear.



    Getting started is always the hardest part. These are just some of the things I do to get going:

    • Any items that you can finish in under one minute do them. (Do five)  Like some quick emails or texts.
    • Any items that you can finish in under five minutes do them. (Do two)  Like making some phone calls you’ve been avoiding.


    This should get the juices flowing. If you’re still having problems;  try doodling or writing absolutely anything to get your brain into work mode.


    You will probably hit a block at some point when working on a project.

    What do I do to deal with this ?

    I pick two other default projects I am “allowing” myself to do. For example, right now I’m writing this article, but if I “hit a wall”, then I’m letting myself run on the treadmill.(I have one in my office) or clean the office. My choices are write, treadmill, or clean. That’s it!

    You can only run on the treadmill for so long before you realize sitting on your butt writing that article seems a lot easier.


    I’m going to leave you with one final tip that really works for me. Even if I can finish a project or article, I always leave just a little bit to finish off the next day. The reason for this  is the fact that you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment early the next day when you finish the project. This will put you brain in work mode and make it easier to get tomorrows project or article going.


    These are just some of the tricks that I use to get motivated and to get things done.

    What are some of your tricks of the trade? I’d love to hear them. 

    Please feel free to use the section below to share your own tips, tricks and comments.


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