Is College A Scam?

college grads

As a young person today, you need to make important decisions now that will greatly affect the future you. So many questions to answer and decisions to make.

Should I go to college?    Is college a scam?

college grads

How much will I be in debt after college and will I get a job when I’m done?

Is it all worth it?

These are all questions that need to be addressed before deciding if college is the way to go for you. Get the facts, analyze the stats and decide for yourself.

  • There is no doubt that for some, a college education is the route to go.
  • Some professions are impossible to get into without a specialized degree.
  • Some young people are pressured by family to “follow in their footsteps,” and get a degree.
  • If you already have a job waiting for you when you get out, or if your education is being paid for, you should go.

If you are like most people and don’t have a free ride, think about college carefully, as you would before any large purchase. Weigh the pros and cons in a realistic way. Four years of college may not be the best move for you.

The decisions that you make now will affect the rest of your life. Think carefully about what  is right for you and don’t be pressured. No matter which road you choose, success or failure is always in your hands alone. Make decisions that are right for you and your future.

The technology available to us in this day and age has made some of our old education models obsolete. Specialized programs and targeted learning make sense. Getting a general degree that doesn’t lead to direct employment has never made sense and it still doesn’t. You will finish college with huge debt and be four years older. You will have to start out at a job that you could have gotten before you went to college. Think about it.

The Financial Facts About College


  • Roughly two thirds of students take out loans as financing for their college education.
  • Even if you don’t finish college, the loan must be paid back.
  • Going to college is not the same financially as it used to be. In the past 30 years the cost of tuition in the United States has risen over 400%.
  • Tuition is just the starting point of expenses. You need to factor in other costs, such as housing, meals, books, internet access and other school supplies.

The average tuition at private colleges is over $30,000. Housing and meals $10,000. Books and supplies $1,200. Personal expenses $3.000, which includes transportation, clothing, hygiene items and entertainment. The personal expenses will, of course, vary depending on how much entertainment (drinking and partying) that you plan to do.

College students partying.

If you plan to go to college for the social aspect, don’t. That is one expensive party that you just don’t need! Repaying student loans until you are over thirty is like a bad hangover that just won’t go away.

Is College really the best use of your time and money?

What’s the alternative?

Well, instead of being in debt forty thousand dollars in the next couple of years. You could get a job now and start making and saving your own money. You can use some of that money to start working for yourself in an entrepreneurial way. 

You can learn almost anything these days on the internet and at your own pace. The higher education model of college is just not needed like it was when your parents and grandparents were planning their future. There was no internet, and to gather the resources to educate yourself was expensive and pretty near impossible. There are also fewer opportunities now for lifelong employment. Chances are, that you will have to create your own paycheck at some point in your career. You might as well learn to do it now. (Click Here For Details.)

In today’s world you don’t need a teacher or professor to answer your questions. If you really want to learn something on your own, you can. Google it, look it up, study it on your own. Let’s face it, the people that are heading for wealth and success are the ones that have the get up and go to do things on their own anyway.

There are a lot of graduates working for people that didn’t even go to college. It’s not luck, it takes hard and smart work to succeed, whether you have a degree or not. In most cases having a certificate or degree doesn’t mean very much if you can’t function and excel outside of the educational system. A person that is lazy and has a lousy work ethic is of no use to an employer whether they have education or not.

Working for someone else limits earning potential anyway. The goal should always be to work for yourself at some point. Find something that you can do on the side until you are earning enough to say goodbye to a job for good. You can do it sooner than you may think with the right opportunity. (Opportunity Knocking, Click Here.)

More and more young people are choosing the route of the entrepreneur. Why spend years of your life and thousands of dollars on something that may not even help you?

I get the impression sometimes that young people today are actually going to college because they lack direction and goals. To spend years of your life and thousands of dollars going to college without a specific goal just doesn’t make sense. To come out after four years with a degree that doesn’t do you any good is just not smart. And with a mountain of debt. No thank you!!

The world has changed but Universities and College are big business. They don’t want to change, they have a pretty lucrative gig going, Why would they want to lose that. These institutions of higher learning have not adapted well to the changing needs of today’s society with regards to employment and making money.

When I talk to young people about the pros and cons of going to college, I always get asked this same question.

What kind of a business can I start, with no experience and limited funds?

It’s a great question.

Keep reading for an opportunity that might be the answer for you.


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