Is SaleHoo A Scam? – Hell No

    What is SaleHoo?

    It’s always a good idea in the online marketing business to check out reviews and get some feedback on products and services before you buy them. There are plenty of scams out there.

    Is SaleHoo a scam?…… Hell No.

    Like any other product in the world (good and bad) you will have those people that didn’t like it, didn’t understand it, or just bought it with unreal expectations.

    It is up to us to find the right products for our needs. As I’ve said many times before, there are no push button, get rich quick products and SaleHoo is no exception. It is a tool that can be used to make running your online business easier. When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is usually our weapon of choice here at Money Builder Online. But there are many other ways to make good money. SaleHoo is a product that can help if you want to dropship or sell your own products online. You can also choose to sell these products on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy or anywhere you like.

    What Is SaleHoo?

    SaleHoo is a comprehensive directory that offers access to over 8000 companies and their products and websites. It is a one stop information center for marketers and business’ looking for products to sell. It includes a combination of dropshippers, wholesalers, liquidators and manufacturers from a number of different countries all put together in one place.

    Check Out These Success Stories From Satisfied SaleHoo Members

    Success stories from SaleHoo members.

    The directory is handy to have, and suppliers are all verified by SaleHoo as legitimate. Having a directory like this could even prevent you from being scammed. One of the hardest things about drop shipping and selling online is to find reliable and reputable companies to buy from. SaleHoo has done that for you.

    Get Started Here

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    There is actually much more to Salehoo than just a directory. The cost is only $67.00 per year and here is what’s included.

    The Directory:

    • Over 1.6 million products to choose. With a selection like this you won’t have a problem finding goods in any category that you need.
    • Access to over 8000 suppliers. If you live outside the U.S. it is no problem. Thousands of these suppliers ship internationally. These suppliers are located all over the world.
    • Wholesale prices are available on small quantities.
    • Dropshippers are available so that you can get started with no inventory. You take the order and the company ships the product to your customer. Dropshipping is the best way to get started if you have limited funds and don’t want the risk of getting stuck with inventory.
    • Ability to find specific brands and no danger of purchasing counterfeit goods.
    • All the important information about a supplier is easy to find.
    • Advanced filters to help you find exactly what you need in the easy-to-search directory.
    • Get exclusive deals for SaleHoo members that are not available to most other sellers.

    Find The Most Profitable Products Using The Included Market Research Labs:

    • Get valuable data on products, including average selling price.
    • Use the trend graph to see a products increase or decrease in popularity.
    • Find items to sell with low competition making sales easier.
    • Find products with a high sell rate.
    • Get accurate selling prices for exact products to figure out potential profit margins.

    Smart Seller Training Included:

    Salehoo training library.Salehoo training books.

    Forum Support: (Essential Tool For Online Success)

    • Get expert answers to your questions.
    • The SaleHoo Forum is an online community that offers support for buyers and sellers.

    Testemonials for SaleHoo forum.

    Get One On One Support:

    • Free Email Support – Send a question and get an answer back from a real person with a real solution.
    • Free Phone Support – Phone support is available to chat in person over 40 hours per week.

    Summary of SaleHoo Benefits

    Access to the Directory with 1.6 million products

    Access to the members forum

    Personal email support

    Access to the Market Research Labs

    All Of These Benefits For Only $67 Per Year

    SaleHoo money back guarantee.

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