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    Making Money In Retirement – 8 Easy Ways To Make More Money

    making money in retirement

    We all want to earn extra money. Making money in retirement is not only possible but it’s a great way to stay active and keep the mind sharp. Sure, you’ve been looking forward to retirement for the leisure time, and you deserve it, but it’s a little scary without a paycheck.

    Read on for 8 Easy Ways To Make More Money

    Hopefully you can use one or more of the following tips to earn some extra income during your retirement without losing a lot of your leisure time. Having a few dollars coming in will help keep that nest egg intact for greater peace of mind and less stressing about money.

    Turn a hobby into a part-time job. What do you like to do? If you’re doing things to keep you out, about and active like golfing, woodworking, gardening or crafting. Think about who might be able to use your hobby as a service. Companies these days are far more open and receptive to part-time or casual workers on the payroll. Put your name out there at the club as somebody who is interested and available for some on call or casual work.

    Sell some of your stuff. Downsize and make some money at the same time. You have a lifetime of possessions and stuff that I’m sure you don’t use. De-clutter your garage, home and attic. It’s easy to advertise these days with local classifieds, Craigslist or even Ebay. Don’t underestimate or think that your stuff can’t be sold. Buying and selling used is a daily activity for a lot of people. Clearing out some stuff that you never use is also good for the mind. It frees up space for the things that are important for you now. Downsize, clear out some space and make a little money at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

    Start Your Own Business Online. It’s not hard to do but make sure you choose a legitimate opportunity that won’t cost you more than you make. The quickest and easiest way to start making money online is affiliate marketing. No inventory is required and you don’t need to worry about taking payments from any customer. All you need is a website, an internet connection and some time. A company like the Wealthy Affiliate has been used by thousands of people with no previous knowledge or experience with an online business. It can take you right from the very beginning and show you step by step how to start and run an online business from scratch. It’s a lot easier than you think and you can do it in the privacy of your own home with very little cash outlay. Affiliate marketing is a great way to turn your spare time into a steady source of income to help in your retirement.

    make money with affiliate marketing

    Use Your Expertise. Leverage your experience and skills by putting your name out there to companies that may need some casual consulting. It is an ever increasing situation that companies don’t need as many full time employees full time, every day. They pay for consulting and offer more opportunities for you to work at home without having to commute. A couple of hours a day brings in some cash and doesn’t cut into your personal time with all the commuting and preparing that was necessary for a traditional job.

    Dog Walking or Pet Sitting. Why Not? Your at home anyway, you like dogs and exercise is good for you. People love their pets, but are often too busy with a hectic work life to give their pooches the time and walks that they need. Keep yourself in shape and active (and make a few bucks), by letting neighbors know that you can be available to pet sit or dog walk when they can’t. It’s a really casual way to make a couple of dollars while doing what you want to do anyway. You might even want to babysit a human kid if that’s something that you enjoy. Nothing you do needs to be everyday or full time.

    Do You Have A House With Extra Room? There are plenty of online companies that connect vacationers with places to stay in private homes. If you have some private space in your home you can connect up with AirBnB or a similar company. More people that travel are opting for unique experiences with accommodations other than hotels when they are in new cities. If your house is in a good location with private space, it is definitely something to look into. Just don’t do it on your own. Get hooked up with a legitimate company. A lot of the hassle is taken out of the situation by the company booking, taking payments and advertising your place.

    Do You Like To Write. With the internet in full swing with millions of bloggers and sites there are plenty of opportunities to use your writing skills to make money. One of the hardest things about having a website is keeping it filled with content. Connect with bloggers and company websites that need content. It’s a great way to use your talents in the privacy of your own home to supplement your income. Only accept jobs that you want and when you want to put in the time. If you don’t feel like it, there is no commitment. Connect with a company like iwriter to get started.

    make money with affiliate marketing

    Use Your Gardening Skills. If you’ve got the land, why not plant a few extra rows and sell your own produce at the local farmers market. Grow some flowers for special events or times of the year like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. You don’t need a truckload, just put the word out to neighbors and make yourself a few extra dollars. Multiple income sources add up and why not earn doing something that you like and are already doing?

    Hopefully something here tickled your fancy and gave you some ideas about how to make some extra money in your retirement. It’s all about multiple sources to supplement your income. You’ve done the heavy lifting for years and now it’s time to enjoy your time. Combining some of these ideas for going full on with a new idea is a great way to keep the dollars flowing and the mind and body active.

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