Paid SEO Keyword Tools – Do I need one?

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If you blog as a hobby, that’s fantastic, have fun,  you don’t need to worry about using any paid SEO keyword tools.  But if your goal is to make money and have content that competes for page rankings on search engines, the question is not, do I need a tool?  But rather, which one do I need?  


Search Engine Optimization is a combination of many things that determine your post or page placement in Google, Bing and other search engines.  It will be a major factor in determining the amount of traffic to your site and also the demographics of that traffic.  Contributors to SEO performance could be plugins or features built directly into your theme working behind the scenes.  The architecture of your site is also important – is it easy to navigate? Does it load quickly?  As you can see, many factors are involved in determining who and how many people visit your site.


It is important to have an overall SEO strategy that includes all of the above factors but arguably the most important part of that strategy is keywords.  The actual term, keyword, can be a little misleading because it is used not only to describe a single word but also to describe groups of words or phrases.  A keyword is what a user of Google would be typing into the search box to find a product, service or any information that they are looking for.  Your keyword research will help you determine suitable content for your site by analyzing the effectiveness of a group of words to use as blog or page titles and also in the body of your text.  


Keyword strategy in content is essential, but when writing, don’t be obsessed by it.  Write quality content that is engaging for your demographic.  If you are writing only to please the search engines then the traffic that you do get will not be interested in what you have to offer.


In order for us little guys to compete on the Wild-Wild-Web we need to be creative in our content and that is where paid SEO keyword tools come into play.  Large and well known companies have the chance of getting ranked with highly competitive keywords but not us, we need to dig a little deeper in our research to find words that will drive some traffic.  Less competitive words come with less potential traffic but that’s okay.  It’s better to be on page 1 and be seen by a few people then to be on page 335  and be seen by nobody.  It takes time and effort but the traffic will come.


Do some reading and research to determine what SEO program or software is right for you.  I have listed and linked four of the most popular programs below.  Most of them have some type of free trial that allow you to check them out before committing.  Just remind yourself of those old cliches that still make sense like  “time is money”, “there is no free lunch” and remember  “you have to spend money to make money.” Keep in mind also that the expenses of an online business are small compared to operating a traditional bricks and mortar location business.


If you want to be successful and profitable you have to commit to the big three, time, effort and money.


Here is a brief synopsis and links to four popular SEO research companies:


 Jaaxy:  Free trial available,  Plans from $19.00 to $49.00 per month

Read full Jaaxy Review Here.

 KeywordSpy:  Free trial available,  Plans from $89.00 to $139.00 per month

 HitTail:  Free trial available (cancel anytime within 21 days of signing up and you won’t be charged – after the 21 day trial you will be charged a monthly fee according to the plan you have chosen). Cancel anytime,   Plans from $9.95 per month,  

 SEMrush: Plans from $69.95 to$149.00 per month, 7 day money back guarantee, Cancel anytime.


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