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    SEO for affiliate marketing.

    SEO for affiliate marketing is all about creating content that potential customers will see. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is basically, the use of techniques and practices, to get your material listed and ranked as high as possible on Google, Bing and other search engines.

    The best way that I use to describe the process of SEO is to compare it to the old Yellow Pages phone book. Way back in the day, before every business had a website, people used to rely on walk in traffic, media advertising and their listing in the Yellow Pages to attract customers. The Yellow Pages was the go to source when you were looking for a business or service. You open it up and it was all in alphabetical order.

    You were the king if your company name started with an “A.” Obviously, you would be seen first. If your company name started with a “Q” or a “Z,” you were pretty much hooped. Nothing you could do about it except change your name. And that’s exactly what a lot of companies did. Why do you think Acme, was such a popular company name? Acme Plumbing, Acme Electric, Acme Everything. You actually had to think about your company name to rank higher in the old Yellow Pages search engine. Companies started putting two  A’s and then three A’s before their names just to appear first. Take a look at an old phone book, It got pretty silly.

    Search enging optimization.

    In the early days of the internet it was pretty easy to write something, rank high on Google and sell a crap load of your product. Not anymore. The competition is high, the criteria for acceptable content is tougher and the consumer is a lot more savvy in their approach to ecommerce. It’s like anything else, though, the quality content will do well and the scammy low quality stuff will eventually disappear.

    Success for the internet marketer today means evolving with the technology to produce a higher quality product. Churning out old re-hashed or stolen material won’t get you very far these days. Effort now will pay dividends in the future. There are other ways to get your content seen without organic search, but they either cost a lot of money, or are, of equal effort, to producing SEO friendly content.

    Appearing on the first page of the search engines is the ultimate goal of affiliate marketers and websites looking for business. The cost is mostly time and effort.

    Q – Where’s the best place to hide a body?

    A – On the second page of Google search.

    Nobody ever looks there……Funny and true.

    Do you want to talk about competition? Google has over 50 billion web pages indexed. You’ve got to know what the heck you’re doing if you want to appear on the first page of the search engines these days. It is estimated that only about 10% of users even bother to go to page 2. You are also competing with paid ads that appear at the top of every page and they suck about 10% of the clicks right off the bat. Statistics have shown that appearing in the  first spot right after the paid ads will net you over 30% of all search traffic clicks. The top three positions account for over 60% of all clicks.

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    Wow, if only there was a magic formula to guarantee that your posts would land on page 1.

    SEO Tips and Tricks To Help Your Posts Rank On Google

    Nobody knows the exact formula or algorithm that Google uses to rank posts and pages. They do offer suggestions on best practices and, of course, a list of things to definitely not do. A common mistake made by affiliate marketers is to underestimate the time it takes for the search engines to recognize your sites. It will not happen overnight. Did I mention that Google already has about 50 billion web pages indexed. Why the heck would your one month old website outrank a site with a long history of quality material? This is not meant to discourage, only to spread a little realism in the expectation department. Do not quit! When you least expect it, Google will start to show you love in the search rankings. Providing that you do more of the do’s than don’ts on the following list.

    Do These Things: 8 Tips For Good Search Engine Optimization

    Use long tail keywords: Being the new kid on the block makes it harder to rank on the search engines. Without going into too much detail, long tail keywords are a lower competition keyword phrase that will have less people searching it but also less writers using it. It is better to be seen by 10 people than to not be seen by 500 is basically the idea. By writing many posts using long tail keywords you can build your traffic. It’s a pretty slow process, but it works.

    Share your content on social media: The more traffic that you get to your site the more the search engines will like you. It is a popularity contest and it’s kind of like getting a loan from the bank. When you don’t have any money, the bank gives you a hard time. When you have money already, they want to lend you more. I hope that makes sense.

    Install An SEO plugin: If you have a WordPress site make sure to install a plugin like Yoast or All In One SEO. They are both free and will make your site more friendly to the search engines. Easy to use and you can set and forget your settings. Some behind the scenes SEO fundamentals will be taken care of for all of your posts and pages by setting them one time only.

    Use alt text in your pictures: Use visuals to make your posts more appealing. Use your keywords in the alternative text areas when adding media. Search engines can’t actually read images and will only know what the picture is if you use alt text.

    Use Google Webmaster Tools: It’s free and there is a ton of information that is provided about your website. If Google detects problems with your site, they will have that information and more available. In conjunction with Google Analytics you can have a pretty good idea of where your traffic is coming from and what keywords are working. All free, you just have to register your ownership of any sites that you want tracked. There is plenty of help available to assist you in setting it up.

    Add videos to your site: Make them yourself or add relevant videos from Youtube. Google owns Youtube, so big surprise that this is good for SEO. You might want to think about starting Google+ pages for each of your websites. It’s another weapon in the social media attack and a great place to share your content.

    Use responsive themes: A responsive theme is basically just one that adapts to different screen sizes. Most WordPress Themes are responsive these days, but make sure. Not only are more people using mobile phones to surf the web, Google will also penalize you if your site doesn’t perform well. Google is trying to give the best results for the searchers using their engine. They won’t send traffic to crappy sites.

    Publish original quality content on a regular basis: Stay steady and don’t give up. It takes Google a while to start considering your site to be an authority site in your niche subject area

    Don’t Do These Things

    Don’t do spammy and unethical stuff: There are thousands of products on the market that will promise you riches and boatloads of traffic. They are usually selling software or systems that don’t work. Please don’t waste your money. There are no easy get rich quick schemes that work. Never buy or swap links. You will end up broke and Google will hate you.

    Don’t copy other sites: With 50 billion indexed pages you would think it would be near impossible for the search engines to detect duplicate content. It’s not. You will get nowhere fast by copying other people’s work.

    Don’t infringe on copyrighted material: When choosing photos and graphics for your site. Make sure that they are free for you to use. You can take your own pictures or there are many sites that sell them. There are also many sites that offer free pictures. Do some research to find creative commons  photos that are public domain.

    Don’t have a slow website: Some WordPress themes such as Thrive pride themselves on putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to make your site faster. Images that are not sized correctly and too many plug-ins, among other things, can result in slower loading times.

    Thanks for your time and please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below. MBO

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