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    Set Up Google Alert – A great way to get blog content ideas


    Are you always looking for content ideas on the web? Why not let Google do it for you?  If you haven’t done so already you can set up Google alert easily by going to www.google.com/alerts and following the simple instructions.  A Google alert is a notification sent to your email at regular intervals with updates on any subject.

    If you have a website about mobile phones, for example, instead of typing in mobile phones everyday to search for the latest news; Google will send it to you automatically. It’s a beautiful thing and keeps you informed and up to date on your chosen topics with no effort on your part.

    Choose as many search words as you want and you will get an email for each one. The only problem for me is information overload at times. There is so much material available on any given topic that you need to become selective in what you chose to read.  You should also be fairly specific in your choice of search words in order to narrow down the info that you receive. You will receive newly indexed results ( I get them once a day ) for each search word. You can delete or add new words on your dashboard at any time.

    Google allows users to set up automated instant email on virtually any subject. As an online blogger, content writer, or corporate executive, you can leverage the alert tool to keep you informed about press releases or any other related topics that are of interest to you. You can get creative ideas for fresh content because you will be receiving relevant, up-to-date news as often as you chose to receive it.

     You can stay even more up to date by checking your emails immediately on your smartphone; giving you the added advantage of getting article ideas and information while you are on the go. If you are in need of timely information, you will always be on top of the latest trending news for any subject. 

    The Google alert account is easy to set up, with the option to follow any number of topics. When setting up for each new word you will have the choice of receiving different types of alerts including news, blogs, video, web and groups. You can also choose the comprehensive option and you will receive results for all these types.

    It is also important to note that by receiving these newly indexed alerts you will be able to better determine what others are blogging or writing about in your market niche. By checking the number of comments and the volume of social shares you can be more in tune with the popularity of topics and it will give you a better chance of recognizing and then writing timely and popular content on your own site.

     A Google news alert can keep you up to date on new strategies, ideas, and tools that others may already be using in your field. It can be a great way to keep your eye on the competition.  I use this tool daily to keep myself informed on several topics.

    I would highly suggest giving it a try. Why the heck not? It’s free, convenient, and useful in so many ways.



    Thanks for your time and please leave any ideas or comments below.


    Sincerely, The MBO Team



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