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The Benefits and Social Media Statistics of Google Plus


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Google+ or Google Plus is the world’s second largest social networking site and is owned and run by Google Inc. It has well over 350 million active users in the Google+ Stream who use at least one Google Plus service like commenting on YouTube, accessing Gmail, or using the +1 feature.

Social Media Statistics show that worldwide, Facebook has over 1.15 billion users; Google+ now has over 1 billion enabled accounts and 359 million active monthly users; Twitter has over 550 million users registered and 215 million monthly active users; and YouTube has one billion plus active users per month.  Described by Google as a “social layer” that improves many of Google’s online features, Google+ is also an authorship tool that connects web content directly with its author/owner.

Google Plus has become a great social business tool for entrepreneurs and companies around the world.  With features like circles and communities you have the ability to expand and grow your profile. You can also connect with people from all over the world that share your interests and could be potential customers for your business. You can share web pages with your friends and get notifications from anywhere in the world.

 Google+ has the following features that make life more convenient for its users:

Bloggers are able to view their blogs and Google Plus comments while expanding their audience in only one place. There’s no need to click various windows just to get the information that you want.

Each blog or post has its own URL and they are crawled and searched almost immediately. They have the same ability to rank in searches as any regular website post.

Free video conferencing to a maximum of 10 people can be done through Google Plus mobile app or website under its Hangouts feature.  You can also stream a live feed to your YouTube channel for recording.

The “+1” Button is similar in use to Facebook’s Like button and allows users around the globe to recommend sites. Your Google Plus followers improve your SEO and search ranking the most and the “+1” also helps your search ranking more than Twitter or Facebook because as owners Google has access to all of that data.

The latest feature, Google+ Views was launched on April 1, 2014. It has a view counter that is displayed on the profile page of every user. It shows the frequency that the content was viewed by others.
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If you use social networking as a part of your website marketing strategy, I think it would be a good move to become involved in the Google+ world.  It just seems obvious that Google would take into account your activity on their network when they are indexing and deciding the page ranking of your sites.

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