The Benefits of Working at Home

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    Wow, when I first decided to start writing about the benefits of working at home I was amazed at how many positives came to mind right away. Just for starters; imagine never having to commute again. No more traffic jams – no more scraping the ice off your windows on a cold dark winter morning. If you take the bus to work; imagine not having to fight the crowd of angry bitter people for the privilege of scoring the last seat beside stinky guy.

    Working from home is starting to look pretty good already don’t you think?

     When I added the additional benefit of it being your own online business my list of positives just grew and grew. This dream unfortunately will not happen overnight; please don’t quit your day job; not yet anyway. The progression would be gradual and different for everybody; it really depends on how much time and effort you can put into starting your own business while still working for the man.

    A realistic approach would be something like this:

    1. Full time job
    2. Full time job plus learning about and starting online business
    3.  Full time job plus internet business starting to grow and make money
    4.  Part time job plus ever increasing income from internet business
    5.  Successful work at home online business – okay, now quit your job


    The financial savings from working at home could include; no more day care, no more gas or bus fare, no more money for work wardrobe and last but not least – no more having to buy girl guide cookies to benefit some annoying co-worker’s kid. I bet you could add up a whole lot more financial savings if you thought about it; including claiming some home business expenses on your income tax.


    Working for yourself is not all roses. No more paycheque every two weeks. No more health care or pension plans (if you were lucky enough to have them in the first place) and no more paid vacations. Ouch!! It’s definitely not for everybody; but the rewards can be so good if you do it properly.


    Okay, enough of the bad news – here’s some more good stuff:


    Create your own hours – work at your own pace – have less stress and anxiety – spend more time with the family – be more productive with less distractions – the list really does go on and on.


    For me, an internet work at home business just makes sense. The start-up cost is miniscule compared to a traditional location type business and it’s cheaper and easier to maintain. It’s really not for everybody but hey; did I mention that you can run it anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. Works for me. Good luck out there and we’ll talk soon.


    Questions and comments below are always welcome. 

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