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    The Best Tools For Internet Marketing

    Secret weapons for affiliate marketers.

    In order to be successful online you will need to find the best tools for internet marketing. As your website business grows, you will need to add some of the resources below into your marketing attack. These are tools and resources that we use, or have used, on this and other sites that we run. They are the secret weapons that will help you get started and ultimately grow and automate your business. Your needs will grow as you do. It is not necessary to get them all at once. When the time is right, implement the next growth strategy that makes sense to you.

    #1 Start off on the right foot. Get some training. It will save you time and money in the long run. Don’t miss important steps that can pay off huge. Learn from the mistakes of others by joining an affiliate marketing training community. Step by step learning and implementation are the keys and foundation to creating a profitable business. Laying the proper groundwork will ensure passive income for many years to come.

    Best Affiliate Marketing Training

    The Wealthy Affiliate: If you are familiar with Money Builder Online then you already know that this is our number 1 pick to get anyone going with online marketing. The Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best affiliate marketing training. It is a one stop shop for learning, website building, hosting and support. Totally the best place to start is by joining The Wealthy Affiliate. Free starter membership makes it easy to get going.

    The Chris Farrell Membership: Another good choice for beginners. The Chis Farrell Membership is step-by-step video training to get your business up and running quickly.

    Affilorama: Another place to go if you are new to the affiliate marketing business. Offers training and everything else that you need to get started. Be careful of up sells here. Think before you buy, as always.

    Domain Names and Hosting

    Blue Host: We use Blue Host for some of our sites and it’s simple and there are some good and inexpensive packages available. We host some of our heavier volume sites at Blue Host using a WordPress Optimized account.

    Host Gator: One of the original hosting companies, these guys offer a whole bunch of packages for hosting. Cheap one site beginner packages.

    NameCheap: Namecheap has over a million customers. It is a well organized and easy to navigate site to buy your domain name. They have more than three million domains under management. They also offer hosting and web site builders. The prices look really good but I have never hosted there. I just use it to buy names at a good price. Check out their hosting packages while you are there buying a domain. You might just decide to host there also.

    The Wealthy Affiliate: The Wealthy Affiliate has a premium membership and one of the features is free hosting for up to 50 websites. You also have the ability to buy a domain name here. Truly one stop shop to get a business going quickly.

    Blogging/Building Websites

    Thrive Themes: Eliminate the need to ever buy another theme. Being a Thrive member gives you access to all of their themes. These are great looking themes and have a lot going on in terms of optimizing site speed and functionality. They are designed to look professional and convert traffic to sales. Lots of easy to use short code that makes your site look really professional even if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. They save a lot of time and are consistently being updated. These themes can be purchased individually or in combination with all of the other Thrive products for a yearly membership fee. 

    Iconic One Pro: If this is your first website, the Iconic One Pro could be just the right theme for you. Inexpensive and the pro version has excellent documentation and instructions for customization. Great no frills WordPress starter theme.


    Landing Pages And Website Builders

    Thrive Content Builder: Content Builder is a drag and drop page builder. It is a  Wordpress plugin that gives you the ability to see exactly how your content will look while you’re editing it. It has over 100 page templates that you can edit and change to suit your needs. So many features to list. Thrive themes and plugins are the best. Constantly updated with innovative features that are meant to help increase conversions and sales for the online marketer. Being a member of Thrive (which we are) is a great way to save money. It eliminates the need for purchasing any more themes ……ever, and it cuts down on the amount of plugins that you need. Can you tell we like them?

    Lead Pages:  For a monthly fee you can build landing pages and host them here. Lots of templates to make it easy to get started. This is used by thousands of marketers as a way to build their email lists quickly and easily. 

    Email Marketing

    Get Response: One of the most popular autoresponders. We use it to build and manage our email lists. They have a whole bunch of templates and instructions to make set up easy. You can also use their landing page templates hosted by them. We don’t because we have Thrive Leads which integrates nicely into most autoresponders like Get Response.

    AWeber: The original and biggest of the autoresponders. Lots of features and different price points depending on how big your lists become. Do some research before you choose an autoresponder because once you have it all set up it’s a bit of a pain to switch.

    Thrive Leads Plugin: Okay, not enough room here to list all the features of the Thrive Leads Plugin. It is not an autoresponder itself but it does connect your opt in forms to your chosen autoresponder. If you really want to grow your list, get this plugin. Lot’s features, templates and innovative ideas from these guys. Having Thrive Leads and plugins makes running a marketing website business so much easier.

    Graphics And Images

    Canva: Free and easy to use. Canva gives you the ability to do some pretty good graphics on your own without a lot of technical ability. I use it to create social media graphics and meme type things. They have a business membership at a cost but I’ve never used it. Canva is great though and I’m sure that it’s well worth the cost. They advertise it as a place to create all your business graphics like logos and the ability to have templates to save time.

    Pic Monkey: Editing your photos is easy and free with PicMonkey! You can add filters, frames, text, and effects with this popular online photo editing tool. 


    Fiverr: Starting at 5 bucks you can outsource all kinds of jobs on Fiverr. It’s a pretty cool concept to get stuff done that you either don’t want to do yourself or don’t know how. If you have a skill of your own you can also offer it and get paid by joining Fiverr.

    fiverr pro

    iWriter: You can get articles written on iWriter from pretty cheap right up to elite writing. Be careful though, with sites like this and Fiverr. Sometimes the quality is pretty bad and a waste of time and money. You get what you pay for and outsourcing is no exception. Sometimes you have to experiment a little bit until you find a writer that works. iWriter also provides an opportunity to make some money if you like writing. You won’t get rich but you could make some extra side money. It’s all about multiple sources when it comes to working for yourself.

    Video Production and Equipment

    Camtasia Studio 8: It’s not the cheapest video editor out there but it’s got a lot of features. It’s also set up well and easy to use once you get the hang of it. The cost is around 200 bucks, give or take, with no additional fees. It is an on screen recorder as well and used for a lot of training type videos.
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    Pinnacle: For about 60 dollars you can get Pinnacle Studio 19. Lots of great features and the ability to add effects and music from their extensive library. You can share your movie right onto Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.
    The Ultimate Video-Editing Software

    Audacity: A free downloadable software to record audio tracks. It’s free and it’s f airly easy to use. You really cant’ go wrong. A lot of musicians use this software but it can also be used for voiceovers and separate audio tracks for your video.

    Explaindio 2: Explaindeo 2 is a video creation software with a yearly fee of about 52 dollars. If you are going to be making videos this is a one stop shop for white board and animated videos. Be careful, they try to get you with a lot of upsells. Some of the add ons are good but use the software for a while before you buy any extras. I make some videos using this and then I edit them with Camtasia Studio 8.

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