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    When I started doing the Jaaxy review my aim was to highlight its features as a keyword research tool, but I quickly realized that it is so much more than that. Jaaxy makes running any online business easier and here’s why I use it every day.

    What is Jaaxy?

    Jaaxy is a web based software program that utilizes an algorithm to search data from Google and other search engines.  It then compiles the data into categories such as amounts of traffic, competition and even suggests related keywords for additional analysis.  I like to keep things simple and that is one of the main reasons I like using Jaaxy, there is no unneeded information to bog you down.   It has  everything you need in a simple and easy to use column format.  No major learning curve involved, just plug in your word or phrase and the results are ready for use in seconds.  Jaaxy was introduced to the market and is  owned by the same guys who run the popular and successful Wealthy Affiliate online training program.


    The following screenshot highlights the search page and will give you an idea of how Jaaxy works .  I entered beef and rice as the keyword because I happened to be enjoying some with hot sauce as I wrote this review.  You can type in anything and useful data appears in seconds.  I will explain each column below.

    Jaaxy - The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool (2)

    The keyword  that you have entered (beef and rice) and all of its relevant data appear at the top and are highlighted. The chosen word or phrase and any of the other keywords can be checked in the left side box and saved within Jaaxy for future reference.

    The Monthly Searches  column is the average searches per month for each of the keywords.

    Estimated Traffic  would be the amount of traffic that would likely visit your site if you were rated number one in google for that particular keyword.

    The QSR  is the quoted search results (the lower the better) this gives you an idea of the competition for the chosen keyword.You can also do this manually on Google, but having this feature saves you hours of time.

    The KQI  is a rating system blending many different factors that lets you know right away how good the keyword will be. The KQI column gives you a green (excellent), yellow (okay) or red button (not worth it) indicating the quality of the keyword.

    SEO Power  is a score based on the culmination of traffic, QSR and the level of competition.  The scale is a 1 to 100 rating. The higher the rating, the better SEO power for that keyword.

    Domain Search  gives you the ability to search for the domain name and see if it is available for purchase.

    You can see by the indicators that beef and rice is not really a great keyword. It has a yellow KQI symbol and an SEO Power score of only 79.  But wait – have a look at ground beef rice recipes, if you had a website related to food or cooking you could turn that baby into a well ranked post or page.  With 961 searches per month, low QSR and an SEO Power ranking of 96, it’s a keeper.  That’s the power of Jaaxy, you can find quality keywords for any subject in seconds.

    Jaaxy is easy to use and there are some great training videos to get you going right away. Another feature is the ability to research and save valuable keyword lists on as many niche topics as you need.  It has the built in ability to show you the competition for each keyword and can direct you to affiliate programs that you might want to associate with your particular niche or topic.  Even if you can’t think of any relevant topics or keywords yourself, Jaaxy has a brainstorm function that will give you top twenty trends from Google, Alexa, Yahoo, Amazon and Twitter.

    With a tool like Jaaxy, some quality content and a little social marketing, you could have yourself a successful and popular website up and running in no time.

    Pricing:  Free Trial Available Here               Pro Version  $19.00 per month       Enterprise $49.00

    Review of Product - Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. - Wealthy Affiliate For All
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